November 15, 2021
Elaine Xydis Lipka

If there is one thing you can say about Elaine Xydis Lipka, it is that she knows what to do in nearly every situation she finds her self in. During her nearly 30 years with the FBI, she has made herself essential to the Bureau by engaging in all sorts of essential activities that many Special Agents find to be too "mundane," or not worth their time. During her tenure at the FBI, Elaine Xydis Lipka has kept herself very busy. One of her proudest appointments was as an important asset to the Joint Terrorism Task Force ( JTTF), which is a multi-agency group of investigators. As a member of that important group, Elaine developed assets/informants and maintained a status as a liaison for many groups who were concerned about the same things.

Another time, Elaine Xydis Lipka also worked as part of a team of agents for Special Events Management. That team considered potential security issues and evaluated threats to those involved. As an investigator, she was responsible for identifying those responsible for certain criminal activities, and also for conducting interviews and collecting evidence with the intention of convicting those responsible for crimes and holding them accountable.

Elaine Xydis Lipka has been so highly respected, she has been a liaison with agencies from a wide variety of local, state, federal governments, as well as foreign agencies. She even testified in court in many cases, including many grand juries. Elaine Lipka also prepared and conducted a large number of briefings to and for the benefit of FBI management. She has been a case agent in a major national domestic terrorism case, and she has served as a prominent member of the Evidence Response Team (ERT). She also conducted physical surveillances and due diligence background investigations for various agents and others, fr a wide variety of purposes.